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I thoroughly enjoy working with every client and enthusiastically welcome every new business opportunity that comes my way. However, every now and then, luck shines on you and you encounter a truly remarkable collaboration. Such was the case when a talented pet photographer reached out to me for assistance in creating a captivating website.

At Hot Buttered Media, I took on the task of developing a gallery-style WordPress site that would flawlessly showcase Pat Trotter’s exceptional work. Our goal was to curate her photography in a manner that would truly do justice to her talent and captivate visitors.

Beyond the aesthetics, I employed a range of optimization techniques to ensure that Pat Trotter’s website would appear prominently in various key local searches. By implementing strategic SEO strategies and fine-tuning the site’s content, we successfully boosted its visibility, attracting a larger audience and expanding Pat’s reach.

The collaboration between Hot Buttered Media and Pat Trotter continues to thrive. As she embarks on captivating journeys around the world, her website needs to evolve and adapt accordingly. We have forged a strong partnership, working closely together to ensure that her website remains dynamic and aligned with her ever-changing photography portfolio.



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January 9, 2019

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