The Haymarket Toy Store


Located at the picturesque Jersey shore, The Haymarket Hobby & Toy Store has always been adored by locals for its charming appeal. However, it became evident that relying solely on cuteness was not enough to sustain a thriving business. It was time to breathe new life into their online presence through a complete website revamp and a strategic content optimization approach, including a comprehensive update of their metatags.

To catapult The Haymarket Hobby & Toy Store into the competitive spotlight, we embarked on a spiffy rehaul of their website, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary design that captured the essence of their beloved store. By creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly platform, we ensured that visitors would have an engaging and seamless experience while exploring their offerings.

In addition to the website revamp, we recognized the significance of social media as a powerful marketing tool in today’s digital landscape. By creating a robust framework for a dynamic social media campaign, we empowered the staff to take charge and share captivating content on various platforms. This approach not only fostered a deeper connection with their customer base but also allowed The Haymarket Hobby & Toy Store to stand out among the numerous tourist-centric businesses in the area.

I also optimized the store’s website content and updated all metatags to improve their visibility in search engine results. This strategic optimization ensured that The Haymarket Hobby & Toy Store could effectively compete for online attention and attract a broader audience, including both locals and tourists.

By embracing a more comprehensive digital strategy, The Haymarket Hobby & Toy Store continues to thrive and solidify its place among the vibrant and bustling businesses in the area.



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January 9, 2019

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