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My services pay for themselves.

The beauty of choosing the right marketer for your needs: it pays for itself. As a matter of fact, you can’t afford to overlook that stale website or underserved social media any longer.

After our work together, you’ll experience increased traffic to your site, a bolder and more authentic online presence and a truly manageable social media plan, destined to increase your bottom line. And get this: you’ll enjoy it! (Marketing is meant to be creative, not just number crunching.)

With over a decade of experience, I’ve worked with a wide range of small businesses. Their needs are often the same: how can I offload my marketing needs to the right person? How can my website convert better? How can I afford the marketing help I need?

Contact me for a free consultation. We’ll review your current online presence and create a game plan, no obligation to you.

My Services


Social media extends far beyond your latest Facebook post. Let’s co-create an inspired social media campaign that’s both successful and (equally important) manageable for you and your team.

I’ve created and maintained dozens of social media campaigns during my years in business. Each business required its own specialized approach to truly excel, which I shaped and grew exponentially.


Branding is an ongoing creative process where we define your audience and build out a consistent and creative marketing message sent through a wide array of channels. What is the voice of your business? What is your mission? What feeling do you want your product or service to elicit? We answer those questions together and create from there.


I work in tandem with highly skilled WordPress designers so you not only get a sleek, responsive site but bright, colorful and optimized content…and at a competitive price. Why go with WordPress? WordPress sites are consistently flexible and user-friendly, even for beginners. Not only that but they look awesome and fit just about any business model .

Whatever your marketing needs, consider Hot Buttered Media your one and only stop. I’ve served as a project manager and creative consultant for a wide range of small to mid-size businesses, as well as artists, writers, non-profits and budding entrepreneurs.


I provide inspired creative consultancy, offering a bird’s eye view of your business and crafting marketing plans that organically fit. Rather than being present on every platform, I help you choose the ones that feel like a natural extension of your business, simplifying implementation and making it (dare I say) enjoyable. Experience my creative brainstorming in action with a free consultation.


Your online presence extends beyond the limited social media platforms you choose. It includes genuinely interacting with customers at all points of the sales process. It also means understanding the psychology of your target audience and fitting a need they may not know they have. Together we can create a social presence that feels genuinely authentic…because it is.


Optimization is a rapidly changing word science for geeks and people like me. Let’s create the most efficient and inviting content to naturally increase traffic to your site. I’ve written optimized content for dozens of websites, all of which have succeeded in relevant search categories based on my work. 

Content Writing

As a professional writer, I bring my mad skills to the table, creating jazzy content that both compels and converts. I’ve also maintained a bevy of business blogs, adapting my tone to fit your business voice. (If you have an existing piece that needs editorial support, I’m your go-to gal. Editing is one of my favorite activities…weird, I know.)

Beth Mann delivers.

Beth Mann delivers. She is intuitive and wise, helping me discover what is special about my offer and crafting the words that indicate that to others. Beth is passionate, too, about my business and has reignited that fire in me.


Beth's much more on top of my business than I am

Beth is someone I trust explicitly because she is a person of integrity. She’s also much more on top of my business than I am and she’s a motivator. She keeps my projects organized and moving forward. Beth suggests new ways to promote myself and pushes me to move beyond my comfort zone — she’s yet to misjudge a situation.


Beth Is The Best!

After working closely with Beth for a few years, I would miss that creative spark and fountain of ideas if she went anywhere. 


She has the talent & enthusiasm to see projects through

Beth Mann brings her innovation and creativity to every project. I’ve known Beth for ten years as a web designer, business consultant, singer, writer, performer and friend. Her intelligent wit always shines through no matter what she’s working on. Not only is she full of effective ideas, she has the talent, experience and enthusiasm to see them through.


Connect With Me

I offer a free consultation where I’ll examine your online presence and discuss your marketing goals as well as provide a report with tips to improve it. (With an offer like that, what have you got to lose?)

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