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Dr. Dana Flavin is an extraordinary trailblazing integrative doctor who has made a profound impact on the lives of numerous patients, utilizing the transformative power of nutrition to heal life-threatening diseases. Her expertise and groundbreaking contributions have earned her global recognition within her field.

Yet despite her remarkable accomplishments, her non-profit organization CollMed, had been lacking a significant social media presence. Recognizing the need to establish an engaging online platform, I collaborated with my talented WordPress designer to create a fresh and captivating website that truly showcases Dr. Flavin’s exceptional work.

The result of our collaboration is a bold and visually striking website that serves as a testament to Dr. Flavin’s remarkable contributions. Through my attention to detail, in-depth medical and nutritional research, and a deep understanding of her mission, we crafted a platform that effectively communicates her expertise, her dedication to patient care and her unwavering commitment to advancing the field of nutrition-based healing.

Understanding the time constraints that Dr. Flavin faces in her demanding professional life, I took the initiative to spearhead a comprehensive social media campaign on her behalf. This campaign serves as a vehicle for announcing the latest news and developments in her busy professional world. By actively curating engaging content and sharing regular updates, we have successfully established a robust social media presence for CollMed, ensuring that Dr. Flavin’s invaluable work reaches a broader audience.

In addition to managing her social media presence, I contribute to Dr. Flavin’s blog by creating informative and engaging articles that highlight her latest research and advancements. These articles provide valuable insights into her groundbreaking work, further establishing her as a thought leader and an authoritative figure in her field.

The collaboration between Dr. Flavin, my team, and myself has resulted in a comprehensive digital presence that aligns seamlessly with her exceptional achievements. By combining the captivating website design with an impactful social media campaign and engaging blog content, we have successfully positioned CollMed as a leading force in the realm of nutrition-based healing. It is an honor to support Dr. Flavin’s transformative work, amplifying her reach.


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