Lighthouse International Film Festival

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Throughout my professional journey, I’ve established a longstanding connection with the Lighthouse Film Festival on Long Beach Island, NJ. Over the years, I have intermittently engaged with the festival, but in 2021, I had the privilege of joining as the Marketing Director. This role has proven to be the most dynamic and intricate among my various marketing positions.

As the Marketing Director, I handle a multitude of responsibilities, ranging from meticulously scheduling content and creating captivating graphics to revamping the festival’s website. Additionally, I take charge of developing Google search and YouTube ads, ensuring their effectiveness in driving traffic to the festival’s site. A significant part of my role involves overseeing a team of college interns who contribute their talents in graphic design.

One of my notable accomplishments was the creation of several Google search and YouTube ads that achieved exceptional results. These ads played a pivotal role in directing over 60% of the website’s traffic in 2023. My YouTube ad has reached 100K as of this post.

Furthermore, I collaborated with renowned local newspapers like the Asbury Park Press and the Mann Music Center to strategically place visually appealing print ads and videos, effectively expanding the festival’s reach through traditional PR channels.

Beyond the diverse array of marketing strategies I implemented, it is the essence of the film festival itself that truly resonates with me. Being immersed in an environment teeming with vibrant artists from around the globe is a deeply fulfilling experience and brings me immense joy.



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June 28, 2022

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