Think (REALLY Hard) Before Naming your Company

Jun 10, 2017Branding, Editing0 comments

I’d to end this blog entry with the title alone since it makes my point. But, dear reader, I’m guessing you expect more, so I’ll elaborate by example.

A Little Bite of Italy is a French restaurant. Yes, that’s right. And one of my dear clients. The restaurant was named when the business was an Italian deli and it slowly morphed into something else. Unfortunately, for a number of legal reasons, they didn’t change the name. You can imagine the creative workarounds we came up with to send a clear message about their business.

There are more examples of bad names for businesses and I’m not quite sure why since it carries such import. The name of your business is your first step toward smart branding. Extensive thought must go into it. You must be able to say it aloud quickly and easily. You must be able to write it quickly and easily. It should convey a general sense of your business. It shouldn’t be confusing or (worse) too bland or broad.

My suggestion: run the name of your company by at least a dozen people. People are your best judges. Why? Because people will be your customers of course. 

Heck, run it by your dog. If she/he does this, you’re probably off-course.