My main super power is the ability to understand the real spirit behind my client’s business and turn it into a fresh, bold digital marketing plan. After spearheading countless successful marketing and media campaigns, I can confidently craft a unique strategy tailormade for your business.

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation and I’ll share some ideas.


Your site may look amazing but it’s well-written, informative content that gives you and your business real credibility. My content strategies are designed to bring your unique selling points to life.

If you’re a web designer looking for content assistance or business in need of sharp and optimized content, let me put my virtual pen to your paper.


I’m an popular memoir-based writer with tons of notable articles under my belt. My work has been seen in the Huffington Post, Salon and Open Salon among other fine writing establishments. If you’re looking for a punchy, polished article or ghostwriting services, let’s collaborate.

I also provide substantive, structural and style editing services. (I actually love editing and can do it for hours on end. It’s kinda weird.)


Are you in search of sizzling copy that not only entices but converts? Creative advertising begins with original copy that not only captivates but gently persuades. Drop me a line and we’ll sharpen existing copy or start from the bottom up. Let’s sell with style.


I’ve worked with the same handpicked team of top notch web designers for years. Each has a particular strength and are chosen based on my analysis of your project. Our team feels strongly about creating responsive sites you can understand and manage easily. We instill autonomy so you’re always in the driver’s seat.


It really isn’t worth driving traffic to your site if customers bounce seconds after they enter. Let’s talk about the obstacles that may be dragging your site down or muddying your message (like confusing navigation, an unclear call to action, excessive or poorly written content or stale design, to name a few).

I offer a free 15-minute website evaluation. (That’s free website pointers…how could you lose?)


Branding is the creative imprinting of your business. It’s the “this is who I am” not the “this is what I sell” of your business. Let’s uncover and define the essential truth or value of your product or service and creatively shape a brand that intimately represents your message so it resonates for years to come.




Thinking of starting a new business, one closer to the heart? Or maybe you have a unfinished project that needs a seasoned perspective? After years of working in the arts, I have a well-honed quasi-spiritual ability to help others on their creative path. After a session with me, expect a direct infusion of clarify and confidence.

[Hourly jam sessions, $50 per hour. Free 15-minute consultation.]


Business and creative pursuits ultimately succeed by non-traditional thinking methods. Let my id meet your id and we’ll come up with wild and wonderful solutions that actually translate into sales. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and into the Twilight Zone…okay, not really.


As an artist with over 20 years of experience, I know the who’s who of many media outlets. If you’re looking for an on-air interview to put you on the map or grab some notice for your new book or film, let’s put you and your big. bad self in the spotlight.


As a visual artist, I offer my keen eye to your project so your visuals are sexy and enticing. We’ll take a look at color schemes, layout and image choice to better bolster the look of your business.


No, I don’t manage punk bands. I teach you how to be more punk rock by instilling street cred. And while coolness is something you either have or don’t, I can help you fake it really well. This includes image consultation and personal brand development, vocal work, style management and core expressive work.

Yes, a lot of services. But I’m a lot of woman.