It’s funny when I talk to clients about social media. They mention the “big” platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yet poor, little YouTube (sarcasm) is often overlooked. But YouTube is indeed social media (you can submit, share, like and message for instance, right?).

And its exceedingly powerful. Not only is it the second largest search engine (next only to you-know-who) but from a small business perspective, whatever you post there becomes evergreen content (meaning once you put it out there, its out there permanently- not buried in a feed and quickly yesterday’s news, like Facebook).

But more than the stats behind YouTube’s power, user-created video connects more powerfully to users than any pithy post could possibly do. Why? Because viewers become personally involved when they watch a video. It requires a certain degree of emotional investment. Think about it: an image carries a lot of weight, as do words. But video is simply the most¬†engaging and quickly gratifying medium. it’s a live action post!

Think you don’t have what it takes to create a YouTube video? If you have a mobile device, boom…you have what it takes. Of course that doesn’t mean you can post any poorly lit, grainy video up and think it will take off. But it doesn’t take much to make a decent video, title and describe it and post it.

Take my client who owns a bike repair shop. The owner has posted countless images of his shop and happy customers. And those posts did well. But what really took off? A video he shot of his son learning to ride a bike for the first time. And it still accumulates views, even years later! Again, there’s an emotional investment when we watch his little boy. It’s a powerful visual that makes us all say “Aw…”

So think in terms of a short video you could create on the fly that represents the spirit of your business. It doesn’t have to be Scorcese, but it should look and sound good. Then give it a clever title and a solid description (don’t forget the tags) and watch the views accumulate.