The Lighthouse International Film Festival was in its 6th year and in serious need of boosting their social media presence. I took a multi-tiered approach to this campaign, outreaching to filmmakers, actors, producers and a slew of behind-the-scenes people who are integral parts of making a movie possible. I drastically increased the festival’s Instagram and Twitter presence (a real haven for filmmakers) and built out their Facebook page with captivating images and smart, share-worthy content.

Amanda at Golden Girl Press LLC came to me with her non-traditional book (The Internet Escort’s Handbook series) that needed promotional help. After honing her marketing message, we secured her interviews with Playboy Radio, Fox Business News, The O’Reilly Factor and The Doctor Phil Show. We’ve since rehauled her website and converted her series into e-books.

Joseph Schubach at Joseph Schubach Jewelers is a 3rd generation jeweler in Scottsdale, Arizona with a sterling reputation. He wanted to add more creative content to his website as well as fire up his marketing blog. Another long standing client, Joe and I have grown his business during times when jewelry and other luxury items have been on the decline – not an easy feat.

Cara Weston-Edell had a long established and worldwide career in academia. When she decided to break off on her own, she came to me for creative consultancy and media assistance. Venturing in the realm of restauranteuring, she purchased and renovated The Biscuit Eater Cafe in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. With a focused and fun social media campaign, The Biscuit Eater has become one of the most popular restaurants in Mahone Bay. And my client is happier–the most important reward.

The esteemed criminal defense lawyer William H. Buckman came to me when he needed a new, “edgier” look for his website. Bill has a trail-blazing civil rights career, to say the least. He’s been written about everywhere, including a profile about his work in the New York Times. Designer Jeff Bittner and myself revamped his lackluster site and content and set him up with a marketing blog, where he address his large audience directly.

Only Positive News, is a marketing blog I’ve maintained since 2008. There was a dearth of positive news out there, so I wish I could tell you how hard it was to appear on page 1 of Google when searching “positive news.” It took us one month. Since then, positive news has become increasingly popular, making our jobs a bit tougher–which in this case, I’d prefer!

Freedom is Green is a highly trafficked website dedicated to the legalization of medical marijuana led by my friend and mentor, Chris Goldstein. I was enlisted to spearhead the Mary Jane column, which deals with women, pop culture and marijuana. My pieces reached an extensive audience and pieces like Depression and Weed – a Girl’s Story still maintain virtual popularity.

Cedric Laridon of BizBoosterz came to me needing spicier language for his website (a specialty of mine. I can’t abide dull content!) as well as usability review. Even though I had to do my research on B2B lead generation, the end result is a warmer, friendlier site that explains the magic he does in simpler more accessible terms.

Ellison Hurt and AI Roofing of Dallas came to me with a major problem: nobody noticed them in such a flooded market. We decided to revise the content of the website and rewrite the meta tags. But our real “pay off” strategy was focusing on the green techniques he employs when working on roofs. He now appears on page 1 of Google for “cool roofs in Dallas” – a hot and expanding market.

Kim Brittingham is a body image expert and writer with a book release in 2011 by Random House. She wanted to bolster her publicity plan, so she and her book receive as much exposure as possible. We’ve reworked her press material as well as created numerous articles for article directories, which will indirectly drive traffic to her site and increase book sales. We’re also poising her for speaking gigs and possibly even a solo show.

Tricia Greaves of Heal your Hunger is a popular speaker on the topic of overeating. She has helped countless people overcome the emotional issues that are often at the core of their issues with food. She and I have worked on countless projects, defining and refining her unique and resonant message.

Georgine DiMaria is Miss New Jersey 2006. She is an amazing speaker who breaks the mold of your average beauty pageant winner. Georgi and I worked together on her “coming out” speech on April 2009 in favor of medicinal marijuana and her allegiance with NJ NORML. We ensured this process would increase awareness and aid her media persona by devising a smart publicity plan together.

Pellenova is a fantastic, all-natural cosmetics company run by Lisa Jurek. She approached me, seeking content that resonated with a particular and growing demographic: women who are concerned about the ingredients in their beauty products. Together, we came up with fresh website content that matched her equally fresh product.

Paul Altobel at Pindar needed to outsource a project for his media company that consisted of creating tight, industry-specific content for various fields. He was pleased with the results and how quickly the project was executed.

The World Institute of Slowness (a slow movement organization) group needed a daily SEO-based marketing blog to increase visits to their site. Because of my knowledge of the topic and SEO-writing experience, I delivered varied, fun and keyword-rich blogs that helped deliver their message. I also write successful, interesting daily blogs for My Pop Art and The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory.

Article Content Provider needed help revising and developing website content for a myriad of companies ranging from a modular home distributor to a medical home alert specialist to a green marketing group. The clients were very satisfied with the improved content, which also helped them clarify their business plan and target audience.

Several of my memoir-based essays entitled Beth’s Urban Tales of Wonder and Decay are currently being published. Yippee. Big money, big money…okay, well some money.