beth_hatI’m a multifaceted artist with decades of marketing and production experience. And I like popcorn….though I don’t think the two are related.

Way back in the day, I studied theater and music at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After my studies (and copious amounts of cheap wine), I entered the world of theater, studied abroad and performed across the country as an emerging performance artist and playwright. The name of my first show: Titsy the Clown. (Take a guess.)

After touring, I moved to San Francisco. A madcap crew of artists and I created Thrush TV, an experimental local TV show that garnered several innovative programming nods.

Our guerrilla approach to programming was an endless source of fun. We let our subconscious dictate the direction of the show, which lead to some weird and wonderful shit. Our improvisational technique was extremely collaborative and allowed anyone to be the “star.” Thrush TV will always remain a colorful feather my hat.

After a stint in NYC (let’s not talk about it), I returned to my childhood home at the Jersey shore. The dreadfully long winters brought me back to writing, a creative staple in my life.

I joined a site for emerging writers (Open Salon) and bam! suddenly I had this vast online audience reading my words. My memoir-based essays appeared in The Huffington Post, The Village Voice, ESPN and Salon, among others.

But alas, this virtual “fame” could not support my emerging surfer/slacker lifestyle at the Jersey shore. Hence why I started this delicious little marketing business.

Hot Buttered Media allows me to use my many creative abilities in a way that consistently makes people money. A marketing Midas Touch, if you will. I genuinely listen, brainstorm incessantly, and shape an organic marketing strategy that suits you and your product or service comfortably.

What else about me?

I live at the Jersey shore…oh, I told you that. I love cooking, fine wine, witty friends, anything furry, surfing, 70’s pop music and my iMac. I sing loudly in my room as well as with a rock band and a choir.

Let’s connect. Whether you use my services or not, I know a ton of people and love the act of creative matchmaking/networking. (You never know who I may know, you know?)


Too many people are professionally restricted by what they think they should be doing. Bit by bit, they disconnect and wonder why they are so chronically discontent.

I want your profession to be stimulating, fun and lucrative – a simple, easy extension of who you are. I want your website to truly reflect your business or project and feel like your own. I want to provide content that is distinctive and colorful. I want to provide marketing guidance that just feels right.

Whether you are an established business or a fledgling artist, let’s grab the next wave of success…ugh, remind me to lose that last line.


Other interests: mud wrestling and speed crochet.