I’m Beth Mann, a Jersey Shore-based marketing specialist.

Let’s make your online presence shine a little brighter!


Ready for a bold assertion? My marketing services pay for themselves. By the time I’m done working with your business, more relevant traffic will be driven to your site.

HOT BUTTERED MEDIA is my full service marketing and consultancy company based in New Jersey. HBM encompasses a broad array of the media and marketing world: website content and design, social media and marketing strategies, content production, traditional publicity campaigns, creative mentoring and targeted brainstorming, all with a little Jersey Girl flair.

What do I bring to the table?

  • An entertainment-savvy and highly experienced creative eye who will dramatically improve your online presence
  • Sharp, distinctive website content that shines brightly amidst the dreary backdrop of verbiage clouding the Internet
  • A clear, well-tuned website that truly reflects your professional essence and is easy to manage on your own
  • Social media and marketing strategies that aren’t shots in the dark but shrewdly developed, organically inspired and manageable
  • Professional and creative brainstorming, designed with an end result in mind

Check out my extensive list of services that HBM offers and discover how I can help you! I offer a free 15-minute consultation.